Our experienced team of professionals is perfectly prepared to approach the most difficult challenges in a wide range of industries and our clients know they made the best decision when retaining CMF Consulting.

The client portfolio of CMF Consulting has been built in over 20 years of activity and includes most of the major industries of Romania and the company managed to develop and consolidate its relations with the main players in these industries.

  • For many years CMF Consulting has been helping its clients in the telecommunications sector to overcome challenges and take advantage of the competitive opportunities.

    Our team is proud to have clients in various segments of this industry, among which:

    – Suppliers of telecommunication services for individuals and companies

    – Traditional cable and satellite network operators

    – Equipment producers

    – Outsourced telecommunication services

    Professionals specializing in various types of assets provide our clients with in-depth expertise in specific valuation of the telecommunication industry.

    The most recent valuation projects in the telecom industry include:

    – Purchase price allocation according to IFRS for networks purchased by one of the largest cable TV and internet operators of Romania

    – Valuation of tangible non-current assets (equipment, co-axial cable and optical fiber networks) and asset impairment testing for one of the largest operators in the telecom industry

    – Fair value estimation of communication infrastructure for the main cable TV and internet operators of Romania

  • The expertise of CMF Consulting in this industry covers all areas of business, from hotel chains to rural guest houses, from city hotels to resort hotels, from SPA hotels to mountain or seaside hotels.

    The most recent valuation projects conducted in this area include:

    – Valuation of tangible non-current assets (real estate properties and movable assets) for financial reporting according to Romanian accounting rules and IFRS and for lending purposes

    – Business valuation and asset valuation for merger or spin-off

    – Purchase price allocation

    – Valuation of management/franchise contracts

    CMF Consulting has more than 20 years of experience in this industry and the team includes certified valuers licensed in tourism.

  • CMF Consulting offers valuation, consulting and restructuring services to its clients operating in the pharmaceutical industry:

    – Drug producers

    – Importers and distributors in Romania and in Eastern Europe

    Services include: business valuation, valuation of intangible assets: drugstore licenses, trademarks, customer relationships for merger and spin-off as well as for purchase price allocation.

  • Over the years, CMF Consulting has performed valuations for Romanian and international corporations acting in all segments of the food and beverage industry, inclusively:

    – Dairy producers

    – Sweets producers

    – Meat producers

    – Bread, breadstuffs, pasta producers

    – Sparkling water and non-alcoholic beverage producers

    – Wine and sparkling wine producers

    – Beer producers

    Some of the recent projects include:

    – Purchase price allocation according to IFRS including estimation of intangible assets fair value (trademark, customer relationships, recipes and patents) and impairment testing for goodwill, for one of the main players of the Romanian market and for an Austrian company.

    – Valuation of trademarks of some well known producers of breadstuffs and snacks

    – Valuation of several dairy factories

    – Valuation for merger of two non-alcoholic beverage producers

  • Our clients in the renewable energy are companies that hold:

    – Windmill parks

    – Photovoltaic parks

    – Hydro-power plants

    Our services include: valuation of assets to be used as loan securities, sale or financial reporting

    Our expertise includes valuations of start-ups or rehabilitation projects as well as of operational entities.

  • We assist retailers in dealing with the specific challenges and opportunities through a network of experienced professionals capable of offering the best valuation and consulting services.

    Our clients are major players on the market, retail stores present at national and international level.

    Our services include: valuation of assets to be used as loan securities, for sale or financial reporting.

  • Our company has also gained a good experience in other industries such as:

    – Media (valuation of businesses, trademarks, newspaper masthead, internet domain)

    – Production of aluminium, paints (valuation of businesses and assets for financial reporting and lending purposes)

    – Health services (clinic and hospital chains)

    – Insurance (valuation of businesses, assets and trademarks)

    – Constructions (valuation of businesses and assets for financial reporting and lending purposes)

    – Transports

    – Financial services

    – Automotive