The experts of CMF Consulting are best qualified to offer services tailored to the needs of each category of clients, spanning from consulting and valuation to assistance in managing the business restructuring and development. The aim of CMF Consulting is to permanently offer the clients complete valuation services and support by a comprehensive and efficient approach.
The services offered include but are not limited to:
o Business valuation
o Intangible asset valuation (trademarks, customer relationship and other intangible assets)
o Purchase price allocation according to the IFRS3
o Valuation of real estate properties
o Valuation of historical properties
o Valuation of movable properties
o Valuation of tangible and intangible assets according to the international accounting standards
o Prepare feasibility studies and business plans
o Review of valuation reports
o Assistance and consulting in performing business restructuring and development
In addition to a wealth of experience in valuation of businesses and all types of tangible assets our team’s expertise in intangible asset valuation include: valuation of customers relationship, trademarks, licenses and non-compete agreements.
Clients share with us their concerns and challenges.
We listen carefully and offer integrated technical solution to help them to reach their objectives. Efficient solutions are required for complex problems – our team of well experienced and constantly improving professionals offers state-of-the-art solutions relying on XXI century’s methods and technology.
The focus of CMF Consulting on various clients’ needs can be noticed in its wide range of services. We are open to new challenges and transparency in the operational process to help our clients innovate and grow. The CMF Consulting team is well prepared to cover the entire range of valuation services necessary for:
o Financial reporting according to Romanian accounting regulations and according to IFRS:
– Valuation of real estate properties and other fixed assets
– Valuation of intangible assets (trademarks, software, customer relationship etc.)
– Tangible assets impairment tests
– Goodwill impairment tests
– Business combinations (purchase price allocation, estimation of contribution paid, etc.)
– Non-controlling interests valuation (investments in unconsolidated affiliated parties, investments in third party subsidiaries)
o Mergers and spin-offs, valuation of business lines or activities for selling or share capital increase
(including valuation of the transferred assets and liabilities)
o Valuation of assets for lending purposes
o Valuation of companies listed on stock exchanges. CMF Consulting is authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority (formerly known as the National Securities Commission) to conduct valuations of listed companies
o Consulting for valuers
o Feasibility studies