Ing.Badescu Gheorghe

Gheorghe Badescu, FRICS, REV, MAA is one of the promoters of the valuation activity in Romania and is a Founder member of ANEVAR and chairman of ANEVAR 1992 2001. Between 2005 and 2008 Gheorghe Badescu has served as vice-chairman of the International Valuation Standards Council – IVSC.

As member of the working group for standards setting, he has worked with well reputed experts in a team which prepared the international valuation standards. He was also member of the working group of the European Group of Valuers Association (TEGoVA), who issued the fifth edition of the European Valuation Standards. Since 2005 Mr. Badescu is an associate professor teaching Business Valuation and Real Estate Investment Analysis. As consultant for International Finance Corp. (IFC, part of the World Bank) and trainer of the International Real Property Foundation, USA, he participated in consulting and training missions in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Gheorghe Badescu was a member of the international experts’ team retained by the Chinese Ministry of Finance to draft the valuation law for this country. He has been designated the honorary member of the China Appraisal Society. He is also a honorary member of the Georgia Appraisal Society and of ANEVAR.

He currently acts as consultant for complex projects handled by CMF Consulting established in 1992, and teaches valuation courses and seminars in countries all over the world: India, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ghana, Georgia.