Ing. Dan Cecilia Magda

Cecilia Dan has a background of more than 15 years in valuation and consulting, working with CMF Consulting.

Before becoming the head of the capital markets valuation department of CMF Consulting (since 1999 until present), Cecilia was a CEO in one of the largest consulting and engineering companies acting in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry.

She also benefits of an in-depth experience acquired while working as a consultant – engineer in chemistry with the investments department of the Ministry of Chemical and Petrochemical Industry (1990-1991).

She joined the team of lectors of ANEVAR in 2005 and she taught classes on various topics for valuers and actively participated in the preparing of the various training materials based on her experience and knowledge.

Cecilia Dan has valuation competences for all valuation

specialties authorized in Romania:

  • Valuation of real estate properties;
  • Valuation of businesses;
  • Valuation of movable assets;
  • Valuation of shares and other financial instruments;
  • Valuation of intangible assets;
  • Review of valuation reports.

She is one of the first investment consultants authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority to conduct the activity on the capital markets.

In addition to a large number of training courses and seminars organized by ANEVAR in which she participated, Cecilia holds a master’s degree in Real Estate Economics and a post graduate certificate in Economic and Financial Analysis, awarded by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Her expertise, multi-disciplinary qualification and experience allowed Cecilia Dan to coordinate complex, specific projects in chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas industries as well as in food processing industries, using her expertise in plant engineering.